Our Company

Prospector Productions, LLC, is a television production company that brings together its principals’ vast experience in broadcast journalism, keen instincts for talent development and undying love of great stories and great story telling to create top quality, original content produced and distributed for television and other platforms.

Our People


Megan Reilly, Prospector Productions’ Co-Founder & Executive Producer

An enterprising producer, Megan was the creative force behind Goldfathers (known as “Gold Diggers” in the UK) an original, 5-part, factual entertainment series for National Geographic Channel and National Geographic International.

Before founding Prospector, Megan produced, directed and wrote factual content for the Discovery Channel, History Channel, PBS, Animal Planet, A&E and ABC News Productions. Megan was also the grant writer and Supervising Producer of Decisions, a factual entertainment series funded by the Pew Charitable Trusts for broadcast in Poland to assist in that country’s conversion to democracy and market economics.

At Prospector, Megan is the creative principal, oversees financing and production, and leads the business development of the company.

Jim Gilmore, Prospector Productions’ Co-Founder & Executive Producer

Producer/reporter extraordinaire, Jim Gilmore’s long career includes a 4-year stint at the BBC, work with the Discovery Channel, The History Channel and over two decades with the PBS investigative documentary series FRONTLINE. At FRONTLINE he has been a producer on close to 50 programs including four Emmy and one Peabody award-winning programs.

His work on programs on national security or political issues includes the Emmy award-winning, four-hour series Bush’s War, the Emmy-awarded The Torture Question, The Anthrax Files, Obama’s Deal, The Dark Side, Endgame, Target America, Rumsfeld’s War, The Man Who Knew, The War behind Closed Doors and three of FRONTLINE’S popular election year biography programs, The Choice, in 2000, 2008 and 2012. Jim reported and co-produced several FRONTLINE economic issues programs, including: the 4-hour series Money, Power and Wall Street, the Emmy award-winning The Warning, The Meltdown and Breaking the Bank.

For Prospector, Jim is the co-creative principal, co-Chief Executive Officer, co-Chief Financial Officer and moral compass.

Helen Yung, Prospector Productions’ Production Accountant

With close to 20 years experience in television production accounting, Helen is exceptionally well-versed in its organizational demands, and the finer points of payroll and post-production documentation.

Having worked on scores of multi-part, multi-season cable series for Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC, The History Channel, and the National Geographic Channel, as well as on numerous non-fiction productions for PBS on shows such as NOVA, American Experience and FRONTLINE, Helen efficiently and accurately manages the financial needs of all of the shows she works on.

Lisa Vitale, Prospector Productions’ Branded Entertainment and Development Exec.

Having worked with Warner Brothers, Nicktoons, Animal Planet, MGM, and Universal, Lisa’s production background spans indie films, animation, live-action and reality TV, and commercials.

Most recently, Lisa produced commercials for Skechers Entertainment’s top-selling brands and headed post production on 26 episodes of its animated series Zevo-3, which debuted in October 2010 as Nicktoons’ highest rated show. The hit series is currently airing worldwide. Continuing her relationship with Skechers, she produced DVDs featuring the wildly popular Twinkle Toes franchise, which was distributed by Universal Home Entertainment in 2012. Lisa got a reality fix as a producer on the Warner Bros. dating show, Elimidate, and served as production manager on Animal Planet’s first season of Dogs 101.

At Prospector, Lisa utilizes her commercial background to lead the company in branded entertainment, program sponsorship and other underwriting.